Welcome to Emphasis Dance

Thanks for visiting! Emphasis Dance is a blog about dance and the arts in Southern California. But I’ll mostly be writing about dance, my great love and an art form that gets too little attention. I am an independent, freelance journalist with 30 years experience as a reporter and critic. I am a straight shooter and have no hidden agendas. My goal is to keep us all up-to-date on the dance scene in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Please comment with compliments, criticisms (politely stated, please) and story ideas, or contact me at laurableiberg@yahoo.com. And spread the word about the blog. This is the one place in SoCal where traffic is a happy state of being.

Welcome again!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Emphasis Dance

  1. Dear Laura,
    Wishing you all the best on the premiere of your new blog, Emphasis Dance! It’s an honor to have one of my images serve as a visual frame for your insightful commentary on dance in Southern California. Finally, we have someone who can write on a subject she knows something about!
    Warmly, Rose Eichenbaum

  2. Scott Duncan

    Bravo! The design looks beautiful. I will look forward to your posts. Meanwhile, I found the Moen Makeover video interesting!

  3. Marica Pendjer

    Kudos to you, Laura… wishing you many followers and much success. And, congratulations to the LA/OC dance community on the return of an educated voice focused on their art form!

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