Upcoming dance season: The Broad Stage

Sorry, I’m posting this late…Los Angeles’s own Diavolo already premiered its latest piece, “Transit Space,” at the Broad Stage. You can read my review for the Los Angeles Times here.

One company left, the details:

  • Trey McIntyre Project, April 18-19

The lowdown:

The Broad (in Santa Monica) is a beautiful, small theater, which should have made it a great addition to the city dance scene and to the Westside, in particular. But, unfortunately, the hall’s interior design is problematic. Friends had warned me about this, and mentioned that even the backstage area was poorly laid out. For audiences, the problem is the shallow rake (or slope) of the seating. It’s difficult to look around the head of the person in front of you. Given the theater is only four years old, it’s not something that will be fixed anytime soon.

Trey McIntyre Project’s will be making two visits to  Southern California, and this will be its second,  following its special engagement at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Nov. 23-25. (Read here about that) The company’s repertory consists of contemporary ballets created by McIntyre, and he has a strong following. McIntyre’s ballets are well-crafted and meld closely with the diverse musical selections he chooses. His dancers each bring a strong individual flavor to the choreography. The repertory they will be bringing to the Broad Stage has not yet been announced.

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