Hundreds of people filled Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles yesterday (Oct. 14) to pay tribute to Yvonne Mounsey, who passed away Sept. 29. It was a beautiful service with music, photos and a video that had been made for Yvonne’s 93 birthday, three years ago.

Her daughter Allegra Clegg (whom we, her older ballet classmates, called “Legs,” because like her mother, Allegra’s legs went on forever) spoke with poise and warmth about Yvonne, both the the public figure and private woman. Allegra pointed out several of the philosophical cornerstones that her mother believed in most strongly and I wanted to pass a few of them along here. I tried to write them exactly, but they might be paraphrases:

“A bad attitude is like a bad cough. You cover it up.”

“No matter what you do, do it the best.”

“Try hard in school and have nice manners.”