Bolshoi Ballet Director Attacked

Horrific news out of Moscow that Bolshoi Ballet Artistic Director Sergei Filin was attacked late Thursday evening by a masked assailant, who threw a bottle of acid in his face. Lots of speculation at this moment that the attackers were enemies of Filin's from  the ballet. It's hard for us to imagine that artistic jealousies …

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Glorya Kaufman responds to my LAT article

In my Dec. 16 article for the Los Angeles Times wrapping up the year in dance, I expressed my disappointment with how heavy-hitter philanthropist Glorya Kaufman chose to lavish millions of dollars (exact amount undisclosed) on USC to start a new school for dance. I argued that donations are most urgently needed for daily operations to support …

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Pentacle director to take a step down

Ivan Sygoda, the longtime co-director of the arts management non-profit organization called Pentacle, will be stepping back from his duties this July, the New York-based organization announced this week. Sygoda will still be involved in some of Pentacle's projects, but he is handing off the day-to-day running of the organization to a group of in-house leaders …

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